Sleep in Whistler Premium HotelsThe Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel is an excellent Whistler hotel with a passion for everything Whistler.  They go the extra mile with all they do and are one step ahead of the competition in so many respects.  One example of this is how they market to guests with pets.  Lots of hotels allow pets, but at the Summit they treat them "like VIP guests". 


Whistler Premium Hotels

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Pets stay for free, and the room is prepared with the appropriate pet supplies such as food bowl, treats, bed and even toys.  Most hotels these days have free internet, but the Summit goes one step further by having an ipad to use in every room.  Other little things make a huge difference at the Summit.  Free coffee and snacks in the lobby and free bike rentals are available in the non-winter months.

The Summit Lodge & Spa is possibly the best hotel in Whistler for personalized service.  They are always up to something, whether it being "Stay With Us" vacation packages or contests or simply their constantly updated and excellent website.  They truly have a passion for Whistler and it shows in everything they do.  Free bike rentals, free ipod mini in every room, scooter rentals out front and have one of the coolest restaurants in Whistler.

Elements Urban Tapas Parlour is located off the Summit lobby and though well hidden is fantastically popular and constantly raved about.  Everything about it is modern, cool, beautiful, trendy and somehow both upscale and casual at the same time.  All the while delivering amazing food with amazing surroundings.  Some people in Whistler go out to eat for the atmosphere and some for the food.  At Elements you get incredible food and a beautiful place to savour it.  All these go-the-extra-mile qualities along with beautiful rooms and an excellent location in Whistler Village, make the Summit Lodge a great place to sleep in Whistler.

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