Sleep in Whistler Premium HotelsThe Whistler Delta is a nice mid-range hotel with a lot of things going for it.  Location, value, design and super-modern rooms are outstanding.  A recent renovation of all Delta hotels across Canada was preceded by a survey of what people want in a hotel room. The result was a remarkably modern and functional design that can be seen in the Whistler Delta.


Whistler Premium Hotels

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The furnishings are modern and you can immediately see that every detail has be laboriously thought out.  The SmartDesk™ that you will find in every Delta room is so well designed that Delta had to copyright it.  The SmartDesk™ has a panel for docking mobile devices, connecting laptops and a variety of other connectivity options to the huge, flat-panel TV located just above.  Gone are the days where you have to search for plugins for all your gadgets or look behind the TV to figure out how to connect it to your laptop.  Along with the beautiful layout and functionality of the rooms at Delta you will also find the walls adorned with amazing print-to-canvas images of some of Whistler's most beautiful places.  Hanging above your bed you may have Wedgemount Lake and distant Wedgemount glacier or surreal Black Tusk towering among the surrounding mountains.  The Delta admirably sourced all the artwork for the new rooms locally ensuring that they portray the authentic beauty of Whistler instead of mass produced, generic images.

The Delta has an excellent location, right dead centre of Whistler Village.  Although most Whistler hotels are well located in Whistler Village, the Delta is about as central as you can get.  Aside from the obvious convenience of being close to everything, the location also somehow allows almost every room in the hotel to have a beautiful view.  Most Whistler hotels have a good side with views and a bad side with no views.  The Delta manages a view no matter where you sleep.

The pool area at the Delta is large and well designed.  One large, indoor hot tub separated by just a couple metres to the huge pool.  The pool begins indoor, then extends outside into the beautiful outdoor patio complete with yet another two hot tubs.  The pool area is surrounded on three sides by trees which give you a strangely peaceful feeling despite being in the centre of Whistler Village.  The is irregularly shaped and the three hot tubs spaced far apart allowing for numerous guests to use the facilities without bothering each other.

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