Sleep in Whistler Premium HotelsThe Adara in Whistler Village is an extraordinarily stylish hotel that dazzles guests with its originality.  Starting at the lobby, the design is an ultra-modern blend of stylish furniture and traditional rock wall and wood panels.  Giving the lobby a stunningly modern, yet traditional ski lodge feel.  Every area in the hotel seems to be perfectly designed to impress.


Whistler Premium Hotels

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The rooms are similarly well designed to wow, with unexpectedly original furnishings at every turn.  You will find yourself surprised at every little detail in your room.  From the chairs and lamps that are a modern take on the 70's, to the minimalist, yet stunning partial kitchens.

The Adara has taken every aspect of this hotel and made it something special.  Like a work of art, you will be enthralled by almost everything.  They have taken all this and packed it into one of the most unexpectedly cool hotels in Whistler.  The Adara Hotel is in a very good location, almost dead centre of Whistler Village.  You are just a couple minutes stroll to the base of Whistler Mountain and the gondolas and lifts.  At the Adara you get more than just a great hotel room, but a fun and unique experience.  They try their best to impress you from the moment you walk in the lobby.  The Adara is a bit less expensive on average than other comparable hotels, though you won't get a whole lot of extra services you may be used to at other hotels.  For example, you won't have anyone rushing to you as the park outside offering luggage assistance or valet service.  Instead you will get a more laid back hotel with a great location, beautiful rooms and a hotel experience you will be describing to friends for weeks.

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